In the country

In the country
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Is it cause and effect?

Boy howdy! there I am trying to work my but off in the hot summer, at my girlfriend (am I too old to have a girlfriend?)Soon to be my wife, house. Working like a trojan horse tore down an old building in her front yard and started cleaning it up. Now I have a stack of concrete foundation pieces. Think I will get a sledge hammer and break them up into smaller pieces, easy to move and haul away.
I had already pulled my Ford f-150 over there nearby, as I would need it but I used the radio to listen to music too. So there I am swinging the hammer like a John Henry steel driving man, making every lick count, when out of one ear I hear tingle, tingle, tingle.
I looked around and lo and behold the back window of my truck is slowly disappearing.................? What did I do?
And a thought of once said; piss poor planning equal piss poor performance. Apparently a chip of the concrete had flown mostly 40 feet an started the shatter proof glass to start breaking into little bitty chips.
So much for being a macho man and impressing her.
She lived about 30 minutes from town, so I went to her and broke the news. So to try to repair some of the damage, I drove to the glass shop, got a new windshield. then hurried back to take her to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants.
Nest time I start trying to accomplish loads of things I will stop and study the perils.

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