In the country

In the country
Just Ross

Monday, April 7, 2014

Potential beauty Cut

A feeble plant grew from a seed and sprang up in a small plastic vase, to be carried by truck load to a store.
There I walked in and bought it, a future flowering shrub, from where it had sat on a shelf. I wrapped the plant carefully and put it in my car to bring home with me. I took it out to near the shed in my yard and got the post hole digger, dug a hole and put garden soil and water in it. I ever so carefully placed my new purchase in the hole and patted down the dirt around it.
Next I took mulch and placed it in a circle a foot around it. There feeling very confidant I left it. There it was snug in it's growing spot, it started to soak up water until it began to sprout little buds and leaves.
The night descended and all was well. Morning came and with it the Sun warming the earth , all very good for the plant, but then a sudden noise, roaring and swishing, a huge lawn mower came into sight and rudely cut my future flowering beauty in itsy pieces.

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